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Dark Prison (Gray Tower Book 1)

Dark Prison (Gray Tower Book 1)

Author: J. M. Brister

Category: Book

Status: Full

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Rating 8

PrologueCongratulations, Keira,” everyone at the party said in unison as they lifted their glasses for a toast.  A group of twenty or so people were gathered around a large, ornate dining room table.  Everyone had finished eating, so a toast seemed appropriate.Keira Amherst smiled and thanked the guests, taking a sip of her wine.  She hadn't wanted her father to throw her such an elaborate bash for finally graduating with her MBA, but he had insisted that he wanted to do something special.  She would have preferred to not have the celebration at Amherst Manor, a large estate in Virginia that was only an hour drive away from D.C.  However, her father, Damien Amherst, had gotten his way as always.Everything seemed a little over the top in the formal dining room with the dark, paneled wood walls and the one hundred-thousand-dollar chandelier that loomed overhead.  She would have rather had a small intimate bash with her friends.  Instead, she was staring out into a sea of faces that she barely recognized.  They were a lot of her father's business associates.  Keira had been told all throughout her life that she was being groomed for a top spot in her father's business.  The get-together felt more like a coronation than a graduation party.One of her father's colleagues turned toward her and asked, “When do you think you'll start at Amherst Global?  Do you know what you want to do there, yet?”“I don't...” Keira trailed off.  She had been concentrating so hard on school for so long that she hadn't quite thought that far ahead.  It had all been about graduating with her masters.  Now, everything suddenly felt so real.“I'm sure there will be time to discuss that later,” her father interrupted, sensing her apprehension.Keira smiled at him.  He was always so overprotective of her since her mother had died years ago in a fatal car crash.  It had just been the two of them since that time.  Well, it was more like the two of them, a slew of staff that kept the mansion running, her dad's personal bodyguards and security associates, and his work colleagues who visited quite often.  Somehow, though, she always felt lonely when she was home from college.  It felt empty without her mother.“I've interned at several companies every summer that I've had off,” she said, suddenly snapping back into business mode.  If this was what ...

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