Read Five Gold Rings: A Winter Romance (Vale Valley Book 5) online free

Five Gold Rings: A Winter Romance (Vale Valley Book 5)

Five Gold Rings: A Winter Romance (Vale Valley Book 5)

Author: Xander Collins

Category: Book

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Chapter 1 Jason “How much farther?” I craned my neck to see the GPS of my boyfriend’s phone, the glare coming in through the car windows and making it almost impossible to see the screen. “I don’t know.” Chris took the phone off the dashboard holder. “I don’t think this can be right. It says we’re fifteen minutes away from our destination.” Chris handed me the device while he kept his eyes on the road. “Check out the route and see how many more miles there are until the lodge.” I tapped the screen a few times and brought up the directions. “We stay on this highway for another five miles then turn right onto Old Dusk Road. We’re only eight miles away. But that doesn’t make any sense at all. There’s no snow on the ground.” I caught a glimpse of the rolling green hills in the distance through a break in the tall, evergreen trees lining the sides of the highway. “This is crazy. How can there be no snow in December?” “Global warming?” I laughed. But it wasn’t funny. We’d saved for this vacation for months. Chris and I were both poor college students living in the most expensive city in the United States, which left almost no money for things like dates and recreational activities. We’d both pretty much been surviving on potatoes and rice the entire semester to afford books and supplies. I didn’t want to think about what ...

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