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Author: Jessica Gadziala

Category: Book

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                              One       Shooter         My dad was dead. 'Least that was what my meema was on the other end of the phone tellin' me. Now, I was browbeat in my respect for elders growing up, but it was takin' everything in me not to tell my grandmother to get a grip on the blubbering as if my father was a sainted human being, like he was up in Heaven getting fitted for his shiny halo and downy wings. The man was the biggest piece of shit I had ever met in my life. And given that I spent my life dealing with criminals, that was really saying something. He was down in hell getting beat to shit if there was any kind of justice in the afterlife. "Don't ya'll worry about the money," I said, wincing as the drawl slipped back into my voice. Took me a fuckin' year to lose the damn thing and five minutes on the phone with her and it was slipping back. "I'll overnight more than enough to you for the arrangements." Then she said six words I never wanted to hear: You need to come home, Johnnie. It had been years since I heard that name. I hadn't adopted the name Shooter because I was good with a gun, though I was. I didn't even adopt it because I was a sniper for hire, though that was definitely the case. I did it because I never wanted to be that Al'bama redneck with the shitty dad in the trailer park anymore. I never wanted to be Johnnie Walker Allen ever fucking again. Johnnie Walker. Yes, like the god damn scotch whiskey. I did mention that my dad was an asshole, right? It wasn't bad enough that everyone knew growing up that my dad was a boozer; he had to go and name me after his favorite kind of poison. "I can't come back, ma'am," I said, squeezing the bridge of my nose, slumping forward in my chair. If I knew anything about my grandmother, it was that the woman was five feet of concrete and butting my head up against her never got me anything other than a headache. And then she launched into a thirty minute ...

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