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Rock God: A Rockstar Romance

Rock God: A Rockstar Romance

Author: Alex Wolf

Category: Book, Romance

Status: Full

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Rating 8

Bristol I walked through the door of my apartment, sweaty. My backpack tried to tug my shoulders to the ground. It was a long day at school and I still needed to work on a paper due next week. Valerie, my best friend, came down the hallway with a wide smile on her face just as I dropped my bag. Her pale blonde hair was up in a messy bun with new pink ends hanging over her face. “How’s it going?” I shot her a skeptical glance. I could already tell she was up to something. “Exhausted. Been in class since eight and still have a ton of work. I’m really looking forward to graduation.” There had to be circles under my eyes as I wiped them and probably smeared mascara all over the place in the process. I didn’t care. “No, you’re not.” She used her annoying singsong voice as she clapped her hands. “Huh?” She sat on the couch next to my backpack. “I scored free tickets to the Nine Muses concert tonight. They’re opening for The Years. You have to come!” Her dark brown eyes pleaded with me to agree with her. I frowned and shook my head. “No way. I have a paper to work on. I don’t even know their music.” I dropped onto the arm chair that faced the couch, pushed a hand against my bobbed hair and sighed. Valerie was going to ...

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