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Secondhand Smoke (Dartmoor Book 4)

Secondhand Smoke (Dartmoor Book 4)

Author: Lauren Gilley

Category: Book

Status: Full

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Rating 10

One “I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.”               A weapon of mass destruction, comprised of five words, and a vicious stare. It struck him at impossible speed, blindsided him, exploded in his brain and left behind a mushroom cloud – and nothing else. No protest, no question, no conscious thought.               He didn’t remember leaving Briar Hall; had no idea how he’d ended up on the curb in front of Leroy’s Gas ‘n’ Grocery. He was staring at his boots, and he had a bottle of Jack Daniels Honey in his hand. He tipped it up, pressed his lips to the sticky mouth of the bottle and opened his throat, let it burn a hole down into his belly.               The night in the garage – that’s when it must have happened. She’d been feral, wicked, and he’d been too caught up in hating her and wishing she’d been worth something more than sex. They hadn’t been careful.               But did he believe her?               The whiskey tasted hideous, but he relished the way it clouded his veins, filled his head with a heavy dullness that eased the sharpness of his fury.               Pregnant. And it was his.               He’d never wanted anything less.   ~*~   Too much to drink with dinner. Blood moving through his brain in sluggish pulses, a deep gong counterpoint to the throb of the music. A lazy night in the empty clubhouse, filled with the slow simmering promise of only the three of them. Just not the three Jasmine had originally requested. Tango and Carter left Briar Hall and headed to the clubhouse, not entirely sure if Aidan intended to take his bitch princess back to their place, and not wanting to tempt fate for even the slightest possibility. The couple had been talking on Walsh’s porch, the last Tango had seen. They grabbed beers they didn’t need and settled in on one of the long couches, in ...

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