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Summer Loving: A Dark Romance

Summer Loving: A Dark Romance

Author: B. B. Hamel

Category: Book

Status: Full

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Rating 10

1 Julian I’m fucking freezing as the wind whips off the ocean. I can just barely make out the waves roll, crest, and slam down onto the soaked, hard-packed sand. I fidget, narrowing my eyes as a cloud drifts in front of the moon, obscuring the light, shoving the entire shoreline into darkness. I sigh and stretch, trying to keep myself calm. I don’t know how the fuck I ended up out on the beach in the middle of the night. I never should’ve answered Isaac’s call three days ago, and I definitely never should’ve agreed to this bullshit to begin with. They’re late. That’s the real problem. I can handle fighting on the beach at two in the morning, it’s no big fucking deal. I’ve done it before. But I can’t handle them being late, leaving me standing around like a moron. I’m supposed to be meeting with Vinny D, this local guy that films all these fights and makes serious bank by putting them on YouTube. They look all lo-res and shaky and bullshit, like he just happened to stumble up on it, but really it’s all faked, from the start to the finish. I’ve fought for Vinny a few times, and he’s normally a legit guy, very stand-up, at least as much as you can be in the street fighting business. I was surprised when Isaac told me that Vinny asked for me specifically. Isaac is a huckster, a classic con man, although not a talented one. He’s charming as all hell and pretty ...

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