Read Unwilling Mate: Abducted Series - Book 2 online free

Unwilling Mate: Abducted Series - Book 2

Unwilling Mate: Abducted Series - Book 2

Author: Carew, Opal

Category: Book

Status: Full

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Chapter 1 Eva glanced around at the three other women, virtual strangers, who sat at the table with her. Ever since she’d received word she’d won this all-inclusive vacation at the Bonavista Resort, she’d been looking forward to getting away—from her hectic job as office manager at Keye Electronics, from the frigid January weather in Toronto, and definitely from her aggravating ex-husband. Her fists clenched under the table as she remembered how he’d done everything he could to delay the sale of their house just to hold up the funds she needed for a down payment on a great new condominium on the west side. With the deadline on the offer looming and no sign of the money becoming available, she’d been stressing out. Finally, she’d decided to hell with it, and she’d let the condo go. It was all about control with Roger, so she simply decided not to play along. Crystal, across the table, said something Eva couldn’t hear. Jenna, the woman to her left laughed, and Kate, next to her, giggled. Eva smiled, feeling the tension of the past few months slipping away. She glanced around the large ballroom where the welcoming party to the luxury resort was in full swing. This next week, she intended to relax on the beach, swim and make some new friends. But no men. That jerk of an ex-husband had shown her what men were really all about, and she had decided she could do without a man in her life. Period. Now, if only she could convince her libido of that. ...

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