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Wolf's Hunger (Alpha's Hunger Book 1)

Wolf's Hunger (Alpha's Hunger Book 1)

Author: Carina Wilder

Category: Book

Status: Full

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Rating 8

Chapter 1 Clarissa was late. Again. I should have expected it. She’d shown up at least twenty minutes late to our last three outings. Ever since she’d gotten engaged, it was like her mind was trapped in a wind tunnel, rendering her capable of thinking about only the following topics: Where her lavish wedding ceremony would take place. What store sold the ugliest, least flattering bridesmaids’ dresses on earth. Overpriced flowers. Overpriced DJs. Overpriced everything. What to name the 2.5 kids she was going to pop out of her birth canal in the next five years. My best friend had developed a case of pre-marital tunnel vision. I supposed it happened to every new fiancée after her man threw a sparkly diamond her way. Of course, I had no idea how it must feel to find yourself committed for life to another human being. In fact, I was the farthest thing from married that a person could be. Ariana Clarke: Single, with no prospects whatsoever. A spinster. An old maid. A reject on society’s heap of sad ladies who own too many cats and scoff at rom-coms for their lack of realism. Except that I didn’t have any cats. That was how sad I really ...

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