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The Source of Magic (The Other Human Species 1)

The Source of Magic (The Other Human Species 1)

Author: Clare Solomon

Category: Book, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, M M Romance, Young Adult

Status: Full

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Rating 8

Chapter One ELLIOT RIVERS awoke and felt a familiar pull on his senses. He smiled. A magical vision felt like a lucky start to such a big day in his life. As the room around him faded, he no longer saw through his own eyes but those of another, seeing the memory like an out-of-focus scene from a film. He recognised the fury in the mind he was experiencing at once – it was his mother. She was speaking in the House of Lords to a roomful of MPs, most of them middle-aged and wearing suits. All of them were talking amongst themselves or fidgeting as his mother spoke and it was this lack of interest that was increasing her anger by the second. “Neans are dangerous,” she shouted. “We’ve contained that danger by keeping them under our control but, if this proposed Freedom Act is accepted, our entire society will be in jeopardy.” The black-haired man on the opposite side of the room stood up. He was younger than Mum and Elliot knew from her mind that he was clever: a rising star amongst those present. Benches of people rose behind him as he smiled in a way that invited others to join in with his humour. “My honourable colleague, MP Rivers, has a lively imagination, doesn’t she?” There was laughter at his words, from both his side of the room and hers, and the knowledge that her own political party was laughing at her made Nicola Rivers seethe. The other MP grew serious as he continued, “Neans have never caused any kind of trouble. They’re pacifists and for a modern society like ours to still force half its people to be slaves is evil.” “Here, here,” someone behind the man shouted and there were sounds of agreement around the room. “Neans make up half the population of the world,” Nicola shouted, “and they are more devious than you understand. They have ways of protecting themselves...” “An invisible weapon?” the other MP scoffed, cutting across her ...

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