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Wanted: Adored (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Wanted: Adored (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Author: Georgia Cates

Category: Book, Novella, Adult, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Chapter Two Leighton Mitchell ~ Eight Weeks Later MY TWELVE-HOUR SHIFT IS ALMOST over, and I can’t resist taking Scarlett out of her crib, sitting with her in my favorite rocker, and cuddling her in my arms. I hold her close and caress the top of her head with my palm. “Hey, little Miss prissy pants. Dr. Wilson says that you are going home soon.” I can’t believe how attached I am to this baby. I adore her. I’m aware that bonding with Scarlett this way is a mistake, but I find it impossible not to when she doesn’t have a mother coming to hold and embrace her. Every baby deserves to feel loved and comforted and protected. And Scarlett wasn’t getting that in the beginning of her life. I really had no choice: Judd Mathews was so cold and distant with the poor little thing during the first weeks of her life. It didn’t happen overnight, but Scarlett managed to melt the icy walls around her father’s heart. It’s been a beautiful thing . . . watching this baby girl wrap her daddy around her tiny little finger. I’m holding Scarlett against my chest, humming a lullaby, when Judd Mathews arrives for his daily visit. “Look who’s here to see you, Miss prissy pants. It’s Daddy.” Judd comes up to us and leans down to speak to Scarlett while untucking his shirt and unbuttoning it. “How is Daddy’s little princess today?” Damn, I don’t hate this part of my job—watching this gorgeous country music star open his shirt so he can place his growing preemie skin-to-skin against his chest. That fit, muscular chest, complete with the most perfect V at his waist . . . it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. I bet he has a woman waiting for him in every city he tours. “Miss Scarlett has been a little angel today. Like always.” Such a sweet temperament. “She’s always an angel when her favorite nurse is on duty.” The other nurses take good care of Miss prissy pants, but none of them spoil her with hugs and kisses the way I do. And Judd knows that. I’ve never hidden my partiality for Scarlett from him. I get up from the rocker and hand her to her father. But not before I steal a look at his broad, muscular chest and narrow waist with a trail of ...

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