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Illumination (The Penton Vampire Legacy Book 5)

Illumination (The Penton Vampire Legacy Book 5)

Author: Susannah Sandlin

Category: Book, Paranormal, Vampires, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Status: Full

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Rating 10

Prologue * Frank Frank Greisser might be director of the world Vampire Tribunal, but what good was that when he was forever hungry, his clothes billowed around his frame, and he’d had most of his own Tribunal members murdered? He yearned to bleed dry the human feeder in the adjoining room, but the days when vampires drank their fill had passed. Maybe the nightmare would end soon. Finally, hope had risen for the starving vampire population, or at least for the vampire population who supported him. Rebels would die, slowly and with maximum pain. First to die? The criminals who lived in that hellhole known as Penton, Alabama. Frank longed for his family home in Vienna, with its view of the majestic Danube and the ancient city center. Instead, he stared out the window of his host’s home at the gaudy lights of New Orleans’s French Quarter. It was an ancient city by American standards but a cheap counterfeit of the European capitals he loved. Oh well, his stay here would be short. He’d found the ideal partner to lead the new operation designed to help the vampires solve the crisis that had propelled them to the bottom of the food chain. A simple vaccine for a human pandemic had changed the vampire world, altering the blood chemistry of the vaccinated humans. Now, they poisoned any vampire who fed from them. Arrogant vampires who thought a solution would be quick and easy had drained the easy pickings among the unvaccinated. Frank made a bitter acknowledgment: he’d been ...

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