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Southern Alpha Book Two (Southern Alpha Serial 2)

Southern Alpha Book Two (Southern Alpha Serial 2)

Author: Carina Wilder

Category: Book, Paranormal, Shapeshifters

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Chapter 1 Trick My chest tightened as I watched the blue light dancing in grim reflections along the surface of the above-ground graves. Shadows of racing figures wove themselves around the marble monuments even as fiery projectiles flew over my head, crashing down onto random patches of grass and spreading eerie flame along the ground through low bushes and among the tangles of weeds.  My howl of warning had brought the party-goers in the Undercroft up to the cemetery’s surface, and now the throng of shifters and Valks was running for safety in every direction, dodging the flying, flaming bottles as they went. I’d summoned them straight into a danger zone, but there was no way to know how devastating the attack might get, and I couldn’t leave them down there to die, buried forever. The Undercroft may have been a tomb at one time, but there was no way I was going to let it turn into one again. Occasionally a pair of brightly glowing eyes reminded me that the shifters I’d summoned to the surface were fleeing against their deepest instincts. Their internal animals would be silently fighting their human sides, protesting violently as they struggled to burst out of the confines of their human forms. My own wolf was aching to turn and fight, to vanquish the bastards who were attacking us.  But I couldn’t, and neither could the other members of the scattering Southern Pack. All because they weren’t allowed to ...

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