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A Beautiful Heartbreak ( NYC Series #1)

A Beautiful Heartbreak ( NYC Series #1)

Author: alora kate

Category: Book, Romance, Contemporary Romance

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Chapter 1 - Ki   “Shit,” I muttered, dropping my camera to the side and heading toward the crosswalk. A rather large moving truck parked in the middle of the street and had blocked my view. I had to get a picture of the customer with the yellow envelope in their hands to complete the job. My super-hot best friend Alexa confirms their names, serves them, and I take their picture as proof. It helped that The men just couldn’t help themselves. It helped tremendously when we did investigative work. She got to flirt and drink, while I stayed hidden in the shadows, taking pictures and making sure we had the proof needed for our clients. I rushed across the street, saw the envelope in the man’s hands, and started snapping pictures of him holding it the best I could. I wasn’t even looking into the lens but felt the autofocus vibrate against my finger, and I knew that would have to be good enough. I was a professional photographer, and I felt confident I’d have at least one picture that would satisfy the person who hired us. It was all I could do. The man didn’t seem to care he was being served as a witness for a grand jury because he only had eyes for Alexa. Alexa. Alexa. Alexa. The men loved Alexa; me, not so much. I had braces. My hair was much shorter, and I referred to it as dirty. Not because I didn’t wash it but because it had too many colors. Dull colors with no shine or life to them. Green eyes that weren’t striking or intriguing, and sparse lashes that needed at least three coats of mascara to look halfway decent. Alexa was always trying to give me a makeover, constantly complaining that I didn’t show off my womanly curves like I should. She was the beauty; I was the brains of our operation. My strengths came in my organizational and budgeting skills, as I was the more frugal one when ...

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