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Autumn Love (Love Collection)

Autumn Love (Love Collection)

Author: Natalie Ann

Category: Book, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Novella

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Prologue   “What’s your favorite kind of apple, Grandpa?” Ali asked. She was sitting next to him on the tractor that he’d just shut off, looking around the orchard that she loved so much. Most of the orchard was filled with McIntosh, but there were plenty of Cortland, Macoun, Crispin, and Honeycrisp, not to mention other fruits and vegetables on the farm, but to Ali, the apples were the star. “My favorite is the one I’m eating at that moment,” he said, laughing. He was like jolly old Saint Nick to her. White hair, white beard, and a big belly. At twelve she didn’t believe in Santa anymore, but she believed in her grandfather and that was good enough. “But if you had a choice?” she asked again. She was always asking a million questions, or so her father always annoyingly said. Her grandfather hopped off the tractor and reached his long arm up to grab a small Mac off the tree and tossed it to her. Another week or so and they’d be ready for people to line up and start picking. “Right now, this is my favorite. Tart on the first bite, then followed up by a juicy sweetness. Can’t get any better than this, can you?” She bit into the apple and realized he was right when a dribble of juice rolled down her chin. It was her favorite at the moment. “I’m so excited about the hayrides and haunted house this year.” “I don’t know how I let you talk me into that, but I feel like a kid myself planning it all out. Your mother has all sorts of ideas for the bakery too, to have snacks ready for the night to sell.” “I’m going to help her in there too. I can’t wait until this is all mine someday,” she said. As the only grandchild, she figured it’d come to her. Why wouldn’t it? Her ...

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