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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Author: Hawkins, Lucy

Category: Book, Romance, M M Romance

Status: Full

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Rating 8

Prologue / Christian There were a number of reasons the McGreggor family’s lake house was Christian’s favorite place in the world. For starters, the land around it was beautiful—miles of trees, water, and hills. Besides that, staying at the lake house meant Christian wasn’t at his own house, and that was always a plus. But maybe the best thing about the McGreggor family’s lake house was Jonah. Not that he would ever tell Mason that. Mason didn’t need to know Christian liked his cousin. That would just make things weird. It didn’t stop Christian from liking him, though. Reaching into a bag on the table, Christian grabbed a marshmallow and stuck it on his skewer. It was really too hot to be making s’mores. Christian’s t-shirt stuck to his skin and his swim trunks had long since dried from their earlier dip in the lake. But it was the last time they’d be here for a while, the last hurrah at the cabin before school started again, and Richard and Annabeth had insisted on making the last night perfect. “Hey Chris, grab me another marshmallow while you’re up,” Jonah called. Christian’s face flushed. At least in rapidly-setting sunlight, it wouldn’t be as visible. And if it was, he could always pass it off as sunburn. Ordinarily, he hated being called Chris. The long string of his mother’s boyfriends always called him that, when they actually called him by name, instead of ‘stupid shit’ and ‘little bastard.’ But when Jonah called him that, his stomach swooped and electricity sparked along his skin. He ...

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