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Author: Evans, Katy

Category: Book, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Status: Full

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Rating 10

    ROOM 1103   Sara   “Four Seasons concierge, this is Sara speaking.” “Sara, this is the gentleman from room 1103.” “Oh, yes. How can I help you, sir?” “I’d like your panties in a little wad in my pocket and you thrashing in my bed.” Blush. “Right away, sir.” “Sara, did you manage to get those tickets for Hamilton?” “Yes, I sent them over,” I tell my coworker Viktor as I lower my head to keep him from seeing how flushed I got after the phone call. Keeping my loose hair falling in a curtain over the sides of my face, I log out of my computer and grab my cell phone. “I need to take something to one of our guests and am stopping at the ladies’. Be right back,” I tell him. I step out from behind the concierge desk in the lobby, already starting to perspire from what I’m about to do. I head to the restrooms and hurry into a stall, lock myself in, and take off my panties. I wad them up in a tiny ball. “Damn!” I have no pockets to stash them in. I grit my teeth and slide them back on, then I head outside and wait until the elevator bank is empty so that I can ride upstairs alone. At the last minute, a guest joins me in the elevator. “Good evening,” she says. “Good evening, ma’am,” I say. Sara, what are you doing?! I can’t believe I’m riding the elevator up to his room. Every floor my heart pounds harder and harder. And when the woman steps out, I can barely suppress my excitement. My whole body trembles with adrenaline and desire as the elevator doors close, and I slip my hands beneath my skirt and take off my panties again. I wad them in my palm and stare anxiously as the floor numbers keep creeping upward. If I’m honest with myself, I will admit that my body hasn’t felt normal since I met him. It hasn’t felt at peace. Oh no, it’s felt sort of shivery, a little too warm, and a little too amped up with female sex hormones. I arrive at his floor, step out, and walk toward room 1103. I knock twice and then wait, glancing around in paranoia of getting caught. The door opens—and tall, dark, and decadent stands on the ...

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