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Surrendering My Affection: Sulfur Springs Book 4

Surrendering My Affection: Sulfur Springs Book 4

Author: Taylor Rylan

Category: Book, Romance, M M Romance, Contemporary

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Cody — 1   There was seriously something wrong with me. I was happy for my two best friends, but nope, that definitely wasn’t for me. I was bisexual and I’d had both a boyfriend and a girlfriend, yet both had treated me like shit. My ex-boyfriend flat-out denied we were together when we got caught by the foreman of the ranch, and my ex-girlfriend when I wanted to take things slow and wait before having sex. Well, she’d moved on before even telling me bye, and now she was with someone else. That’s why I was done. I was through trying to date anyone. They weren’t worth the effort. And I still had to figure out how to tell my two best friends I liked both men and women. Hawke came out in high school, but it wasn’t a surprise. Everyone knew he was gay before he even said so. With Tristan, he simply introduced us to his boyfriend one day. I never would have seen that coming though. So why did I have a problem telling them? “Hey, Cody. Are those muffins ready yet?” I glanced at the timer on the oven and shook my head. “Three more minutes, Emme. And they’ll need to cool for a few more after.” “Damn. People are impatient this morning. When they’re ready, will you bring them to the desk for me?” “Don’t I always?” “You’re a doll,” Emme said while nodding. “At least someone thinks so. I’ll bring these out in a few,” I told her as I put on the hot mitts. The timer was about to go off, so I was ready. I heard the door to the kitchen swing shut behind Emme, but I didn’t look toward it; I was busy, and the last thing I needed was a burn from the oven. I turned off the buzzer as it sounded and then opened the door to pull out the trays of various flavored muffins before I set them on the stainless steel counter ...

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