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To Woo a Wicked Widow

To Woo a Wicked Widow

Author: Jaxon, Jenna

Category: Book, Romance, Historical Romance, Did Not Finish, Regency Romance, Historical, Regency

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Rating 9

Chapter 1 London, May 1810   Moonlight streamed into the mews, brightening the night and making Lady Charlotte Fownhope draw back into the shadows of the stable. She strained to hear sounds from her father, the Earl of Grafton’s, town house, but only the clink of bridles came to her ears as Edward, her groom, led her chestnut mare and his horse into the light. “You should have taught me to saddle her. Then I could have helped you.” She came forward to take the reins. “I’ll always be here to do that for you, my lady.” He smiled, his white teeth a flash in the swarthy, handsome face, then leaned down to kiss her. His warm lips caressed her, calmed her even as the comforting scent of horses and leather that hung about him enveloped her. This was where she belonged, in Edward’s arms. Not with Lord Ramsay, her father’s choice for a husband. A horse snorted and Charlotte jumped back. “We must be off. Dinner will last only so long. With luck, no one will look in on me but my cousin Jane, so we will have until the morning before they know I am gone.” Edward nodded and cupped his hands to give her a leg up. Once in the saddle, she gathered the reins and waited for him to mount, her stomach tightening with excitement. “You know the way?” “Yes, we take the Great North Road as far as York, then over to Manchester and up to Gretna Green.” He slid into the saddle. “We’ll be on horseback the first two days. They won’t expect that. They’ll be looking for a carriage.” He reached over and grasped her hands. “You’ll be all right on horseback for so long?” She nodded, prompted to sit up straighter. If she had to spend a week in the saddle to be with Edward, she would do it. “Let’s go.” They walked the horses out of the light, into the darkness of the underpass, keeping quiet until they were at the end of the row of stables. Charlotte resisted the urge to look over her shoulder to see if they had been pursued. They had been careful. They would succeed. She drew her black cloak around her shoulders against the now-chill wind. At a nod from ...

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