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Wicked Games (Wicked Bay Book 4)

Wicked Games (Wicked Bay Book 4)

Author: L A Cotton

Category: Book, Romance, Academic, College, Sports, Basketball

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Chapter 1 MAVERICK “HOLY SHIT, BRO, THIS place is da bomb.” “Da bomb, seriously?” I raised a brow at Kyle as he dumped the box on the desk and surveyed my dorm room.  “What’d you do to score this place?” “I didn’t do anything, jackass. I just got lucky.” He scoffed at that. He could believe what he wanted though. It was the truth. I only found out my dorm assignment a week ago. Something about a last-minute change. But I wasn’t complaining. The place was sweet: single room, private bathroom. Only fifteen rooms split over two floors, low key, with its own parking lot. It was damn near perfect. “Holy crap, did you see this place?” Laurie craned her head around the door and grinned. “You did good,” she directed at me. “Guys, I didn’t do anything. Seriously, I just got lucky.” I shrugged. It could have gone a totally different way. I could have ended up rooming with Trevor who enjoyed cosplay, or Billy who planned to try out for the band despite his complete lack of tune.  As if he heard my thoughts, Kyle said, “Whatever you say, Prince. Whatever you say,” around a shit-eating grin. “It’s really nice, Maverick.” Lo appeared next to Laurie; the smile painted on her lips not quite reaching her eyes. I strode toward them and held out my hand, tugging Lo inside when she slid her palm into mine.  “And best part, no roommate.” I dropped a kiss to her nose, wrapping my arms around her waist. Lo’s hands pressed against my chest and for a second I thought she was going to push me away, but then her fingers were twisting into my jersey, pulling me closer. Erasing all space between us. “Hmm, guys, not that we don’t get it.” Laurie cleared her throat. “Because we do, but perhaps we should give the two of you some—” “No,” Lo murmured into my mouth, breaking the kiss and peeking over at her best friend. “The plans remain. We’ll help Maverick unpack, go explore and get some dinner, and then you two can go do... things.” “Things, totally. We can do things. Right, babe?” Laurie fixed her eyes on Kyle who was busy making fake-gagging noises. “You’re a dick.” I directed at him and he threw up his hands. “What? I’m allowed to be grossed out by,”—he waved his hand at ...

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