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Wyvern’s Angel: The Dragons of Incendium #9

Wyvern’s Angel: The Dragons of Incendium #9

Author: Deborah Cooke

Category: Book, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Status: Full

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Rating 9

Prologue Princess Percipia ran so quickly up the long flight of stairs in the palace that she was out of breath when she reached the summit. She didn’t slow down, but raced down the corridor. She was annoyed, because she’d been compelled to return from Regalia to Incendium for one of her notebooks. She wished she’d taken it with her in the first place, or recorded the notes in her computing device. As she took the stairs two at a time, she cursed her own lack of foresight. She was running out of time to coordinate the two massive fireworks displays, one on Incendium and one on Regalia, that would be her gift to Gemma and Venero, to celebrate the official naming of their child. She was even later than she’d hoped, too late to get the book and return to Regalia immediately. The one good thing was that she’d just used a Starpod and hadn’t needed to dock at the Star Station. The comm said it was secured with no arrivals or departures allowed. She wondered in the back of her mind what had happened, but was more concerned with getting her book. There was a slim chance she could sneak out without being drawn into a family consultation, but it wasn’t a good chance given the disruption in the palace. Something had happened, but Percipia was less concerned with the specific events than getting what she needed. In a palace occupied by dragon shifters, there was always some crisis. ...

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