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SEAL Cowboy

SEAL Cowboy

Author: Ivy Jordan

Category: Book, War, Military Fiction, Romance, Westerns

Status: Full

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Chapter One James   My hand shook as I held the summons in my hand. This couldn’t be real, could it? I opened the letter again, reading carefully in case I missed something. Nope, it was real. Those fucking kids were trying to take my farm. I walked into my office, searching frantically for the will left by old man Jasper, the only man I ever considered a father. It was clear. He left the farm to me, and all that it included: equipment, livestock, the house, all the outbuildings—it was mine. So, why were the kids contesting it now? It’s not like they ever stepped foot on this farm, ever cared to see if their father needed anything. Hell, they barely called the old man to check on him. Blood boiled in my veins as I tried to wrap my head around the situation I was in. I had the will, so how could this even happen? I’d called Luke, but he was settled, finally happy, and I hated to dump my bad news on him. I had to call someone, someone who could help, but who? I didn’t know how to fight this on my own. I didn’t even know someone could contest a will after it was read and carried out. I fell into my office chair, stared out the window at the Double J ranch that was supposed to be my future, and felt uneasy. Noting was guaranteed. I learned that in the SEALS. Nothing. Not life, not happiness. Only death, but even that could sneak up at any time and without reason. Fuck! My eyes closed as the gears in my brain started to turn. Who did I know that could help? Like a fire starting in a dry forest, my brain lit up, and warmth filled my body. Axel. He wasn’t a lawyer, but he came from a family filled with em’. I opened up my laptop and searched through my ...

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